There are many reasons to take out a loan and today it is no longer a problem to get one, but only if you can meet the necessary requirements. Every German bank has specific guidelines for lending. Part of a credit check is the query of the data in the Schufa, which must be positive, this means that no negative entries may be present. In addition, each borrower must demonstrate a permanent employment relationship and regular income. There is no credit line without income at German banks, because the receipt of a regulated income offers the banks a certainty that the loan can be paid off. A loan without proof of income is therefore unthinkable. The only exceptions are loans granted to freelancers and the self-employed. They have no regular income, such as white-collar workers, so they have a hard time getting credit. In some cases, self-employed people and freelancers can receive a loan without income, but they have to prove to the bank in another way that they are able to service the loan without proof of income. For example, self-employed and freelance borrowers must provide the bank with a profit and loss account , bank statements and tax returns to prove their creditworthiness before deciding whether to lend them a loan without income.

Credit without Income as Unemployed without Regular Salary

Credit without proof of income The situation is different when you need a loan without proof of income , but do not work, that is unemployed and only benefits from social benefits. In such a case, it is even more problematic to obtain a loan without income, with German banks, it is almost impossible, because without income and without employment relationship, the bank must assume the credit unworthiness of the prospect and can not lend. In such a situation you have to look for alternatives. One of these can be a loan without income from a friend or family member, ie a private loan. Unfortunately, family and friends are often unable to lend or simply do not want to run the risk of not getting the money back. For this reason, a credit agreement is important in a loan without proof of income from the acquaintance or family, in order to fix all terms and conditions in writing. Private loans from strangers, which can be applied for via special online platforms, are also becoming increasingly popular. Here as well, a loan without income is possible, but the lender will require other securities to ensure that the loan can also be paid.

If you are looking for a loan without proof of income, you should look around the Internet or ask family members and acquaintances for help, because without income it is difficult to obtain a loan.

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